We really cannot believe we are saying this… BUT…. The lovely people at Lux Group Holdings have gifted us a stunning designer kitchen and we are GIVING THIS AWAY to one lucky winner.

To be drawn on 31st December 2019, one very happy family will be celebrating the new year with a promise of a fabulous kitchen make over!

This gorgeous kitchen is a prototype of the Brookmans by Smallbone K1 range:

K1 is a classic contemporary take on the more traditional Georgian painted fitted furniture of period homes and reinterpreted for the modern day. This concept brings alive both fitted and freestanding elements which can be fused together to create unique appeal. A broad range of colours, hardware and details will enable any person to create their own dream design.

Brookmans by Smallbone is a new brand conceptualised by Smallbone of Devizes. A heritage brand, Brookmans by Smallbone will be launched exclusively at Heal’s from November 1st 2019 and has a ‘responsibly-designed’ range of cabinetry, freestanding and fitted furniture and will have a price point of £25,000 to £40,000. Made and assembled in Wiltshire, this brand will reflect a ‘contemporary urban lifestyle’.

This new brand joins sister brands Smallbone of Devizes, Mark Wilkinson Furniture and McCarron & Co.

Click here to be in with a chance to WIN! 



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  1. We have been renovating our 1950s house since September 2015 & not had a kitchen the whole time, we have been using a camping stove, wood burning stove & make shift units & worktops, I have subscribed to your webpage at the start of this year in the hope when we finish we can find & home a stunning kitchen that won’t break the bank. To get this project finished in the next 8-9 months will mean we have stuck to the 5 year plan & be amazing to live & enjoy the finished fully usable dream forever home.

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