See Our Kitchens in Your Own Home — in 3D!

3d kitchen visualisation service

Try our optional Visualisation Service to help you decide if a kitchen will work for you or not

For a nominal fee of £75, our Experienced Designers will send you stunning 3D CAD drawings of your chosen kitchen in your own home.

All we need from you to do this is a simple floor plan and some basic information:

If you already have plans from your builder/architect then please submit these, if not, drawing up a floor plan is easy – please have a look at the and see guidelines below:

1 Draw your room as a simple box and include any structural features or protrusions eg soil stacks, service pillars or integral brick piers
2 Add to this all openings ie doors, windows, patio doors, arches, boilers, electrical metres, radiators, stop cock and oven socket point location
3 Then measure the distances between all of these features and mark these onto the plan, along with the overall external dimensions of the room
4 In addition please let us know:
  • Ceiling Height
  • Door/Window Widths
  • Kitchen Reference Number
  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Telephone Number

NB: all measurements need to be in millimetres please.

Once you have completed your drawing, please take a photograph using the button below

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