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Vanessa Found Her Dream Kitchen on Instagram

UKE buyer Vanessa’s story starts with a brand NEW kitchen… her DREAM Roundhouse kitchen.

Some years prior, she and the lovely folk’s at Roundhouse designed and built Vanessa’s kitchen from the bottom up. Form follows function for Vanessa, and as Roundhouse specialises in bespoke kitchens with an understated aesthetic, they were the ideal brand for her. A lover of interior design and cooking, the kitchen was everything she wanted and more. Unfortunately, after a change in circumstances, Vanessa’s house went on the market.

Funnily enough, the fabulous kitchen clinched the sale.


Vanessa’s next, inherited kitchen just couldn’t compare to the beautiful one Roundhouse built for her, but she couldn’t afford another new kitchen. She began browsing kitchen catalogues and followed kitchen social media accounts for inspiration – one of these being our Instagram page.  

Choosing a used kitchen

Vanessa was scrolling through Instagram (something she rarely does) when she came across a kitchen that was just like her desired layout. Looking at the caption, she noticed it was a Roundhouse kitchen too! The best bit? It was well within her budget because it was a pre-owned kitchen!

“I knew Roundhouse was exceptional quality … it’s a miracle I saw the kitchen on social media.”

The idea of purchasing a used kitchen was new to Vanessa, but she was bolstered by her love of the brand and the amount of information available. The listing included professional images, measurements, and full details of any wear & tear.  At just £4,999, she knew a kitchen of this quality was a great deal. It was a fraction of the cost of a new luxury designer kitchen and even included Miele and Neff appliances. She gave us a call and put down a deposit.

Fitting a used kitchen

While lots of buyers plan with pen and paper, Vanessa already had a CAD image of the room. Her extensive home improvement plans included knocking down a wall to create an open-plan space, and she knew with a few tweaks the kitchen would fit. She also had the help of a ‘fantastic’ fitter. He had never worked with a pre-owned kitchen before and was blown away by the quality. 

“My fitter estimated that the worktops alone were worth £8,000”

The fitter used the original images of the kitchen to help with the process. One run needed to be shorter, so they had two new end panels made from a Roundhouse supplier based nearby, and the worktop was cut down for £250. They also added two new doors on either side of the fridge freezer housing and affixed storage to the wall behind to create a double pantry. It was now a perfect fit. Vanessa’s very own bespoke kitchen made to fit for the space.

Making cosmetic changes

The kitchen looks a little different now. Design-savvy Vanessa hired a ‘French Polisher’ to stain the wooden portions of the kitchen and her media unit a rich walnut shade, which compliments the new herringbone flooring. Wanting to veer away from classic tiling, she chose an antique glass splashback, which was also used elsewhere in the room. A gold light fitting and fabric bar stools were added to complete the look. The end result is a cohesive, luxury open-plan space that could have been planned by an interior designer.

Cost-saving and environmental benefits

Vanessa was open to adjusting her plans to suit the kitchen, and keeping an open mind saved her a lot of money. While a new designer kitchen may have cost in the region of £60,000, she spent under £10,000 on her kitchen renovation. The kitchen even came with bonus luxuries she wasn’t expecting, such as the ‘beer fridge’ (wine fridge) –  her new favourite thing. She also loves her ‘new’ NEFFF dishwasher.

“The appliances are excellent, it’s the best dishwasher I’ve ever had.”

By choosing to reuse, Vanessa proved that a budget doesn’t have to be an obstacle when achieving a high-end finish. She’s also prevented approximately 4929kg of carbon waste – the equivalent of 12,388 miles travelled by car! It’s feel-good kitchen buying in every way (see our sustainability calculator for more info)

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