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From Viennese Whirls to innuendos in GBBO, Sophie Johnson covers the latest

It was crunch time on week two of The Great British Bake Off, with the eleven amateur bakers facing biscuit week.

 The signature challenge saw them baking and icing 24 identical biscuits that must be crisp and evenly baked.

 Would they snap to it, or would they crumble under the pressure?



Last weeks Star Baker Jane’s biscuits were ‘altogether very nice’ but with only half of them iced, her star was losing its shine. Candice matched her pink lipstick to her love heart themed bake, sinfully moreish salted caramel spread between white hearts. Delicate little bumblebees sat atop honeycomb shaped biscuits, lavender and bergamot fused gently into pretty butterflies. Selasi may be winning the nations hearts over with his charm, but were his scotch bonnet chilli and lime motorbikes a step too far? Louise’s sheep flopped like a wet, woolly blanket, and in the end it was Tom’s Spiced Chai Frappelatteccino creations that ‘nailed it’ crunchy, coffee, cinnamon. Classic.

Light golden swirls of soft buttery goodness, freshly made raspberry jam paired with rich buttercream. Crumbly, delicate and melt-in-the-mouth fantastic.

Yes, it’s a Viennese Whirl. 

 This week’s technical challenge saw the bakers, swirl, pipe and panic over these scrumptious little biscuits. The key to a good whirl is the creaming of the butter and the sugar until pale and cloud like. Perfection. Thus allowing the mixture to be piped into intricate circles on the baking tray. 

 Tom chanced the microwave to soften his dough, whilst Rav felt Mel’s warm hands on his bag! With basic instructions the big question was to chill or to bake? Lightly golden, filled and dusted with icing sugar, placed on the frightful gingham alter, it was judging time.

Val had good whirls, placing her in the middle of the group, whilst Selasi came in last with his oily, crumbly disasters. Louise and her Viennese? They crumpled under the pressure. Jane polished her star in second place, but it was Kate whose perfect little biscuits came in first place.

“Once upon a time, 11 bakers baked a story. Thirty centimetres high with tongue-tingling ginger biscuits.”


Although Michael’s Lapland scene was so simple even Father Christmas lacked his trademark white beard, his gingerbread was ‘the best’, even topping Andrew’s enchanting creation that tasted just like the ginger biscuits Pauls Mum used to bake. Kate’s nod to her Brownie-leader past might have ‘promised to do my best’ but her soft bake and lack of ginger didn’t impress. Val and Louise saw their stories shatter, with both structures collapsing before they really stood tall. Perhaps not a good sign for Louise and her upcoming wedding scene, but Val’s scrumptious sister Susan won the judges over keeping her in the competition for another week. As we saw Louise exit the tent it was Candice and her hot pink lipstick that claimed Star Baker. Her technically challenging masterpiece told the story of her pub upbringing complete with green jelly pool table and sticky ginger carpet (encouraging one of many innuendos from Mary Berry!)


Biscuit week behind us and a baker down, with not a dunking in sight. They cracked and they crumbled and they put up a fight. With bread week up next, prepare to get steamy with those icy blues.


Sophie Johnson, 28, Proud mummy of Bea, 4, Expert Baker, loves all things Cake and wife of Roland, Used Kitchen & Ex-display specialist at Used Kitchen Exchange.

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