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Things you will need to get started in baking

It’s that time of year again when we tune in to the Great British Bake off every week and get inspired! If you are looking to get into baking then we’ve put together some of the essential appliances and tools you will need to get started.

Firstly, if you are planning on making cupcakes then the first thing you want to do is get good quality cake cases. They really can make a difference to the finished product, especially if you’re baking for an event like a birthday or christening.

It is definitely worth getting good quality baking tins, its best to have a variety of shapes and sizes so you aren’t limited to what you can make. Unless you have a specific recipe you want to master.

A food mixer will make your life a lot easier when making cakes, although its not essential. A good whisk will do the job just as well and will cost you less. Having a whisk rather than a food mixer allows to to not feel like you’ve wasted money if you find that you would rather watch people baking than actually doing it.


A common thing for people to do when baking is to over or under- estimate the size of a teaspoon or a table spoon. Having measuring spoons in your kitchen will not only be handy for baking but all kinds of cooking.

Spatulas are useful for ensuring that none of the mix in the bowl is left behind! Although you may prefer to lick the bowl afterwards. Having a spatula will ensure you get the most from your ingredients. The spatula is also very useful for certain types of mixing used in baking, including folding.

Hopefully now you have an idea of the equipment you may need to go ‘baking mad’ and you can make some great creations, we would love to see some pictures of these creations! Please post pictures to our facebook page.

If you need any further information about our used kitchens and used kitchen units, then please get in touch.

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