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Fitted Kitchens

Choosing a fitted kitchen for your renovation? We have a wide range of used and ex-display kitchens to choose from.

The fitted kitchen wasn’t popular in Britain until the late 1940s. Before this, a typical kitchen would be an arrangement of freestanding elements such as dressers, cupboards and cookers. Although there is still much love for the freestanding kitchen, fitted kitchen designs proved easier to organise and keep clean. Understandably, people wanted a house that was easier to maintain, so the fitted kitchen became commonplace.

Fitted kitchens are perfect for purchasing second hand because of their modular nature. The typical set of units come in standardised sides and can be reconfigured to suit a variety of spaces.

A perk of a fitted kitchen is the wide availability of storage options and features. Pull out larders, corner storage, and integrated appliances are all possible with a fitted kitchen. Fitted designs come in a variety of styles that will suit any home, be it in a period property restoration or a contemporary new build. When it comes to simplicity and ease of use, you just can’t beat them.

At UKE, we stock hundreds of approved used and ex-display fitted kitchens for a fraction of the cost. Homeowners can now pay up to 80% less than the cost of a new fitted kitchen, OR take their renovation up a notch and pay the same for a higher standard kitchen. We offer a savvy way for renovators to stretch their budgets without compromising on quality. We stock fully fitted kitchens with appliances from luxurious designer brands like Mark Wilkinson, Neptune, SieMatic, Tom Howley, deVOL, along with affordable big names brands like Alno, Wren and Howdens.

So how does it work? We cherry-pick the most perfect ones, inspect, measure, photograph and then dismantle. Every kitchen can be viewed before buying and we can even deliver. Sometimes we even sell installed new builds that have never been used!

For anyone nervous about installing their pre-owned or ex-display kitchen into a new space – don’t be. We fully measure each kitchen, and a good fitter will be able to tell you if it will work.

Lots of our buyers work out the measurements with a simple pen and paper. Visit our ‘Customer Stories’ to see how some of our buyers have arranged their kitchens to work for them.

Secure a high quality branded kitchen for the same cost as a cheap fitted kitchen today. Achieve more and spend less on your renovation with UKE.

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