RRP £84,000 Warendorf (Miele) Opaque White Ex-Display Kitchen. Corian Worktops. Gaggenau Appliances. Scotland

Product Code: MW0618CH1

£46,000 £42,000

Wish List
Wish List

RRP. £84,000. Warendorf Opaque White Ex-Display Kitchen. Corian Worktops. Gaggenau Appliances. MW0618CH1

Available from September 2018

Warendorf (previously Miele de kuchen) have the best name in the industry for quality and service. All products and components used in a Warendorf kitchen are subject to thorough testing for quality and durability. This allows Warendorf to ensure that your purchase will provide you with many years of use and reliability. Warendorf were the first kitchen company in Germany to receive certification for DIN ISO 9001 for quality, and DIN ISO 14001 for environmental control standards.

The doors are in Opaque White laminate with the exception of the cabinets above the sink. These are finished with a satin bronzed glass. The interior material behind all the white doors is coated with melamine resin in a neutral shade of silver grey. The interior of the satin bronzed glass cabinets are in a Sesame Pine textured laminate. The worktop is a 24mm thick Corian in Glaciar White which also includes a integrated Corian sink and sink cover. The worktop on the island is also made from 24mm thick Corian in Glacier white but has a mitred edge with a 50mm thick panel on one short end of the island. The 3000mm x 500mm breakfast bar on the island is made from 60mm thick Spekva Bavarian wood in a river washed texture.


Appliances included w/ model numbers

Gaggenau oven BOP221111
Gaggenau steam oven BMP250110
Gaggenau warming drawer WSP221110
Gaggenau teppan yaki
Gaggenau downdrafts x 2 VL414110
Gaggenau full surface induction hob
Gaggenau integrated fridge RC282203
Gaggenau integrated under-counter freezer RF200202
Gaggenau integrated dishwasher DF46014

All Warendorf cabinets are of a particularly rigid construction designed for both strength and durability. The cabinet is made from a very high density, multi core board finished on all sides. The surfaces are highly durable, anti-static and resistant to heat, as well as to household solvents. Drawers and pull outs are composed of high quality double walled metal profiles, a fully extending running system with a large load bearing capacity (40-70kgs) and integral soft close & open mechanisms. All base and tall cabinets stand on 4 fully adjustable legs fitted with easily removable plinths. The plinths will be fitted with a seal to the base to reduce the risk of water damage and to prevent dust penetration.

All cabinets will be supplied with shelving, this is coated with melamine on all sides and given a hard wearing, thick front edge. These shelves will be, in most cases, adjustable and are held by safety clips. The metal hinges are adjustable in any direction, and as standard, the hinges can be quickly mounted or dismounted to speed up installation and aid in future cleaning of the cabinets. When not fitted with touch open these hinges come with the very latest integrated soft close system.

This kitchen will be professionally removed free of charge for the buyer to collect, delivery/storage can be arranged at an additional cost.

Viewings can be arranged, please email with your contact details, postcode and ideal viewing times.

If you require a delivery quote, please contact us with the following information: Your name, postcode, storage requirements if required and telephone number

Please see below for full measurements, elements and surveyor notes.

Full Detailed Specification & Dimensions

RRP. £84,000. Warendorf Opaque White Ex-Display Kitchen. Corian Worktops. Gaggenau Appliances. MW0618CH1

All measurements are approximate and have been given to us by the showroom


External Dimensions

Please see drawings for each cabinet size.

The following are overall sizes.

Island length                             4100mm
Island width                               885mm
Island length inc. breakfast bar  4535mm
Island width inc. breakfast bar  1165mm

Kitchen Perimeter
Complete length                            6085mm

Kitchen Perimeter
Complete depth                           820mm


Kitchen Height
Complete height                           2700mm



Tall cabinets on LHS

1 x 400mm tall cabinet w/pull out wire basket larder mechanism.Handle detail on LHS.
1 x 600mm tall cabinet for oven w/3no push to open drawers beneath and 1no push to open single door cabinet above. Peg board drawer insert included.
1 x 600mm tall cabinet for 450mm oven and warming drawer w/3no push to open drawers beneath and 1no push to open single door cabinet above. 1no drawer insert included.
1 x 400mm tall cabinet w/5 internal roll outs and 2no shelves. Push to open*

All tall cabinets are 2120mm tall.
The plinth is set at an additional 100mm.


Base cabinets
1 x 600mm pull out base cabinet w/internal roll out
1 x 600mm base cabinet for integrated under-counter freezer
1 x 600mm sink cabinet w/pull out bin mechanism
1 x 600mm base cabinet for integrated dishwasher
1 x 600mm single door base cabinet


Square cabinets within recess above sink

10 x 240mm deep single door push to open cabinets.


Tall cabinets on RHS

1 x 400mm tall cabinet w/shelved interior. Push to open*
1 x 600mm tall cabinet for integrated fridge. LHS hinged. RHS handle detail.


Top boxes

1 x 400mm single door top box. Push to open.
1 x 600mm single flap door top box. Push to open.
2 x 400mm false top box / panel only ( above the tall cabinets marked *)
7 x 600mm single door top boxes. Push to open.

All top boxes are 480mm high.



1 x 1000mm 2 drawer stack w/internal roll out in top drawer

1 x 400mm 2 drawer stack w/2no small bins in bottom drawer and flat panel above to accommodate controls for hob

1 x 1200mm double door base cabinet w/cut out for hob duct

1 x 400mm 3 drawer stack w/2no cutlery inserts

1 x 1000mm 3 drawer stack w/2no inserts (cutlery and peg board)

4 x 1000mm double door base cabinet w/reduced depth


Used Kitchen Exchange can collect and deliver to you

With the average kitchen weighing in excess of 1 ton delivery is an important consideration.

Our inhouse team are specialists in collecting and delivering a used kitchen. We provide the correct insurance, appropriate lifting equipment and specialist vans at the correct height, weight tolerance and racking that your kitchen needs to be transported safely.

To read more about our service and self collection please click here.

Once you have found the kitchen you wish to buy, please contact us to request a quote.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if a kitchen will fit my space?

Approved Used Kitchens

Our sales information will give you both the external dimensions of the kitchen space and a full elements list (cabinets, end panels, pilasters etc). This is to make is easier for you to assess size and suitability. Unless you have an exact match, It is wise to choose one which is slightly too big for your space to allow for reconfiguration. Used Kitchen Exchange are not kitchen designers, but if you do have any questions re the measurements give we are happy to help. For more information about choosing the right kitchen for your space click here.

Ex Display Kitchens

Like our selection of Used Kitchens, Ex Display kitchens are listed with external measurements and an elements list. In addition, we will also let you know if the units/doors are current stock. Sometimes we are given plans by the showroom which may also help.

How will know the kitchen is in good condition?

Used Kitchen Exchange independently survey most of the kitchens listed on our website. If the kitchen hasn’t been inspected by us the listing will stipulate this. All listings will contain information with regards to condition, wear and tear or damage and will include photographs too. Please be aware that kitchens advertised as “used” are second hand kitchens; it is therefore reasonable to expect some additional cleaning and possibly some minor alterations when refitting. For more information about our Approval process for used kitchens please click here.

Can I view the kitchen before I buy it?

Yes, and we would advise that you do. Viewings are made by appointment only, so please contact the office on 0330 058 6877

Are the prices fixed or am I able to make you an offer?

The prices for our kitchens are always heavily discounted and take into consideration the original sales price, quality, condition, and size, however our sellers are normally open to sensible offers

Do the items you sell come with any warranties?

For Ex Display Kitchens the listing will contain information re any warranties given with products, however no warranties are given on Used Kitchens. In the unlikely event of there being a problem when you collect your kitchen please contact us immediately on 0330 058 6877 and we will seek resolution for you as soon as possible. Used Kitchen Exchange give a 14 days dispute resolution window to all purchasers. This is an added service and doesn’t affect your Statutory Rights

Is VAT applicable to my purchase?

Prices listed on our site are inclusive of VAT (where applicable) and the sales price agreed is the total price that you will pay. Sometimes it is possible to gain a VAT invoice for the purchase of an ex display kitchen. If you do need one of these, please check with us that this is available before you buy.

How do I buy a kitchen from Used Kitchen Exchange

In order to secure your purchase we require a deposit equivalent to 10% of the agreed purchase price. You will received notification for full payment from 14 days prior to collection.

Will the kitchen be flat packed?

Unless otherwise specified the kitchen will not be flat packed. Once you have made a purchase, you will received full instructions to help you with the collection of your kitchen

Will the Kitchen be wrapped when I collect?

Unless otherwise specified the kitchen will not be wrapped.

Will I be able to buy more units to match the kitchen I choose?

The listing will contain information with reference to the availability of matching units

What happens if there is a problem when I collect the kitchen?

In the unlikely event of an issue when you collect the kitchen, please contact us and we will seek resolution for you as soon as possible. Used Kitchen Exchange give a 14 day dispute resolution window to all purchasers. This is an added service and doesn’t affect your Statutory Rights

Who will I be buying the kitchen from?

Once you have paid your deposit you will be given the sellers name and address and our terms of sale, this will form a Buyers Contact between yourself and the seller of the kitchen

Do you offer a re-fit service?

Used Kitchen Exchange do not re-fit kitchens for purchasers, but we are happy to pass on the details of 3rd party fitters who can.

Purchase Protection

Used Kitchen Exchange offer all purchasers 14 days’ purchase protection from the date of collection of the goods. If you think you may have a problem, all you need to do is let us know by completing our Customer Resolution Form. By doing this you will be asking us to help resolve your problem fairly and as quickly as possible.

I want to resolve a problem