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Why Recycling is great for Business: ‘Do well by Doing Good’

Recent reports show that the kitchen industry is growing at a rate of around 4% per year with over 80% of these kitchens being replacements. UK companies are having to consider their Green/Social responsibility agenda as household waste is a hot topic World Wide and the Kitchen Industry is no exception to this. Companies who offer an environmentally and ethically sound service look beyond the profit of each individual customer and look towards the collective benefit to their communities as a whole, managing their business activities and customer relationships to maximise that value. Businesses that consider their wider social contribution inspire employees and delight their customers, giving their Business a genuine service differentiator.

Recently published Government research shows that Social Value is big business. Stats show that 50% of the public chose to buy from companies because of their reputation on sustainability. I believe that altruism is great for business.

By embeding social values into your strategy you help your customers identify your business as a business that cares, a business that is not just about making a profit. A great example of this in action is Superbike Champion, Carl Foggarty OBE. Carl was recommended to us by one of our Partnership Showrooms when he was looking to buy a new kitchen. His kitchen was in great condition, but just not suited to the new space his Architect had designed. After calling us, we found him a buyer within a few weeks. The buyer was a family with a disabled daughter who was not able to go upstairs. The family had received a grant to re-design the ground floor of their home. Money was tight and obviously the practicalities of the child’s disability took priority. Buying Carl’s used kitchen enabled the family to have a positive, beautiful space without any compromise, this has brought pleasure and happiness to the whole family, allowing them to enjoy their new space bringing everyone together in what is now the ‘heart of their home’. Carl not only received sizeable contribution to his new kitchen, he experienced the ‘feel good’ of giving and the avoidance of waste.

Make 2017 a positive year for your business, see the bigger picture, consider the world around you and the positive effect ethical business decisions can have on your profits. Recycle, Reuse, Regenerate.

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