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Stunning Results Painting a Standard Wooden Shaker Kitchen

Used Kitchen Exchange sell a multitude of wooded shaker kitchens, and often suggest that the kitchen would be an ideal ‘painting project’. This transformation is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with a good quality wooden kitchen – literally with a lick of paint and a change of handles – thanks to Chris from  Chris Graham Interiors for allowing us to share this.

Bored with their Maple Shaker kitchen, the owners went to a kitchen showroom to look at buying a new kitchen. Being quoted £20,000+ to have a like for like kitchen of the same quality and exactly the same layout they went back to the drawing board and turned to Specialist Kitchen Painter Chris Graham for a quote to transform their kitchen with a complete ‘paint makeover’.  This project cost the owners £2,000 and I am sure you will agree, it is a stunning result

This is a standard shaker style kitchen with granite worktops and is still in great condition and Used Kitchen Exchange have any number of kitchens similar to this for sale with prices starting from around £1,500. With the cost of painting – this project could be achieved by one of our used kitchen buyers for around £5,000 (factoring in the cost of installation). I am sure you will agree this is fantastic saving on the cost of new

With a great colour choice from the Farrow and Ball colour palette, and a change of handles, this kitchen has been completely transformed.

For more information about the steps taken click here

This blog post was created by Used Kitchen Exchange with Permission from Chris Graham and all images were provided from Chris Graham Interiors.

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