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Kettle Cleaning Tips

How often do you clean your kettle? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or never? Now ask yourself how often you use your kettle, most people will use theirs once a day or even more! So its important that the kettle is effectively cleaned. We will give you some tips for cleaning your kettle effectively as for some people, the kettle is the most used appliance in the kitchen!

If you are looking for a natural way to clean your kettle then filling the kettle with equal parts water and household vinegar. You should let this soak for an hour. After this hour is up you simply need to boil the kettle. You then need to empty this solution and thoroughly rinse the kettle. If you don’t have vinegar to hand then you can try following the same steps but replace the vinegar with lemon juice.

You can also clean the inside of the kettle using any shop bought kettle cleaning product. You should follow the instructions provided. As a general guide you would usually dilute the cleaning product in water and let in soak in your kettle before boiling and rinsing.


You will also need to clean the outside of the kettle regularly, using anti bacterial cleaning products to help stop the spread of germs especially if you’ve got a cold and making Lemsips and other hot drinks! If you have a stainless steel kettle then olive oil is useful for removing them greasy fingerprints.

How often you should clean your kettle very much depends on where you live. If you live in a hard water area (you can find out using the map) it’s more likely that limescale will build up inside your kettle, this means you will have to do a deep clean of the inside of your kettle more often, and you should clean the outside as often as needed.

Hopefully now you can enjoy a nice cup of tea whilst showing off your ex display or used kitchen to all your friends and family! If you need anymore information about our used kitchens or used kitchen units then please get in touch with Used Kitchen Exchange.

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