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White Gloss Kitchens

Are you considering a white gloss kitchen? Bright glossy units are the epitome of minimal & modern kitchen design. This style of kitchen can really open up a space and give the illusion of more room thanks to the light reflecting qualities of the surface.

In large kitchens, a white gloss design makes the most of a spacious layout. Anyone opting for a minimal clutter-free and calming look should consider a gloss white finish, and the great news is that many are available from UKE at any given time. The uniform and simple unit style in modern kitchens make them easy to reconfigure into a new space, and the popular style means it will be easy to source complementary units to expand. This versatility is why approved used & ex-display shoppers often favour gloss white designs.

Thanks to the flexibility of a white gloss kitchen, this design is ideal for installing into rental properties and homes where the owner likes to change up their décor often. Bright colours can be incorporated using furnishings and kitchenware for a quirky look. There’s no reason why a white kitchen has to be minimalist. It could act as the perfect blank canvas for a range of exciting design choices, from splashbacks to pendant lighting.

For a cleaner look, this modern style is perfect for tucking away homewares. White gloss kitchens often boast modern features such as forward-thinking storage solutions that ensure work surfaces are clutter-free.

Buyers who plan on changing their worktops should choose carefully. Opting for white stone or Corian worktops will result in a very bright and minimal finish, while a darker stone or natural granite worktops will become a feature. Why not consider wooden worktops and add accents like stools and breakfast bars to achieve a sought-after Scandinavian look.

Sleek light kitchens are perfect for busy family life; the light surface means spills and stains are noticeable right away, and a gloss finish couldn’t be easier to wipe down. Overall, this is one of the most hygienic kitchen choices. Whatever your style, gloss white kitchens are an exciting blank canvas to work with and have lots of perks.

We often sell white gloss kitchens by German manufacturers like SieMatic, Leicht, Hacker and more. These are great brands to look out for because they specialise in contemporary designs and ensure all kitchens meet Germany’s strict standards for durability.

Shop ex-display and approved used kitchens to meet all styles, sizes and budgets now.

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