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Buying a used kitchen turned us into Interior Designers!

Buying a used kitchen turned us into Interior Designers!

UKE Customer Stories: How buying a used kitchen turned us into Interior Designers…

Like a lot of people Mr & Mrs A began looking for their new kitchen whilst the extension to their property was being built. They were looking to expand their downstairs living area and having never had a large family kitchen before, this was high on their agenda. Following the sale of this stunning kitchen, Kerry, gave them a call to find out how they had got on and see the results…

What attracted you to this kitchen?

“The kitchen stood out to us! We loved the style and quality of the kitchen and even the colour. The features were exactly what we were looking for in our next kitchen”

How did you work out that it would fit into your space? Did you use a designer/kitchen fitter?

“We planned it all ourselves, the old-fashioned way! We just used a ruler and a drawing book. We used the measurements from the listing along with the plans from the seller. We reviewed what would fit based on these measurements, and then drew our own kitchen plan using this. We didn’t have any help from a fitter, it was all our own efforts.”

The kitchen in its original home

A stunning pantry unit was included

The kitchen even came with appliances!











Had you had quotes for a brand new kitchen? What helped you to decide to buy an approved used kitchen from Used Kitchen Exchange?

“We began looking for our new kitchen as soon as our extension was being built. Our current kitchen was very small and we wanted a lovely big space to share family time in. My husband found Used Kitchen Exchange on Google quite by chance and we then stopped looking around showrooms at this point. The kitchen we found was everything we were looking for and it was plenty big enough for the space we were building. We didn’t see the kitchen in situ because it had already been removed. When we first saw it in the seller’s garage it was a bit of a shock – a kitchen, once it was removed, looked very different! We did, however, see the quality of the build and the excellent condition, so we took a leap of faith and bought it!!! We felt very brave, to be honest as this new kitchen was so important to us.”

We noticed you have re-configured the kitchen slightly – What did you do to make it fit so well?

“Our ceilings were slightly lower so we had to reduce the height of the larder a little and the corner fridge that came with the sale wasn’t required, however, we did use the side panels from this rather than waste them and built a corner unit in our living room area – this meant it matched the kitchen as well which added a real designer feel. The run with the sink and mantle was also too long. The original owner had a large Aga, and the mantle was much wider than we needed so we employed a local joiner to reduce the size of this. Once re-painted you couldn’t even see this had been done. Our biggest issue was the weight of the granite! With such a large island piece we had to find a team who were competent at lifting and reinstalling this. This took some time.


Approved Used Kitchen Transformation with UKE

What feedback did you receive from your kitchen installer about the kitchen? Was he positive about the idea of fitting a pre-installed kitchen?

“Our joiner had done similar work before; he wasn’t fazed by it at all. He did comment on how lovely the kitchen was to work with and that it was of excellent quality.

How long did the installation process take?

“Installation of the units took around a week, the same as a new kitchen. We re-painted it too, so this took another week, but the delay in fitting the worktop meant we had to wait a few months to have the kitchen completely finished.”

Your new space looks stunning! How do you feel now your extension is built and your kitchen is finished?

“Exhausted, but absolutely thrilled with how it looks. We have the perfect living area we have craved for so long and there is no reason to go out anymore! We wanted a room to spend time with our family and now we have it we are super pleased.”


Buying A Used Kitchen turned us into Interior Designers

When buying this pre-owned kitchen, you have saved money but also you have saved a little bit of Planet – how does this make you feel?

“The fact that we have saved this beautiful kitchen from being put into landfill is fantastic and this adds a ‘story and character to our home. I love the fact we have given it ‘a new life’. It is awful to think that something of such great quality could have been wasted.”

“We understand that buying an approved used kitchen may on first impressions appear to be riskier, however, we paid far, far less for our kitchen and still got the same fabulous result.
We paid £15,000 for the kitchen and £1250 delivery. With fitting, painting etc, we estimate the kitchen cost us around £25,000 in total. This is around a 1/3rd of the cost of buying a new one of similar quality, and, this is OUR kitchen… we found it, designed it and made it our own.”

“We think buying a pre-owned kitchen gave us an even better result because we were pushed to be creative!”

“We normally play it safe where colour and design are concerned, usually favouring magnolia!! Now I have gone all out for colour. Also, with the layout, we would have put the sink under the window where it was originally, which is a very traditional kitchen layout, but we love it more where it is now and it has given us much more space around the island.

Buying A Used Kitchen turned us into Interior Designers


Choosing a sustainable used kitchen means that this family will be carbon neutral for a whole year! If you’re interested in purchasing an approved used or ex-display kitchen or selling your own kitchen then simply visit our website Used Kitchen Exchange.

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