Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide for people looking to purchase a Used Kitchens Units

Useful tips when buying a Used or Ex-display Kitchen

Buying a Used or Ex-display kitchen for your home can save money, time and you can do your bit for the environment too….. and it’s much easier than you think.

Most kitchens can be reconfigured to fit a different space or design. The look of a kitchen can also be dramatically changed with a new worktop, change of tiles etc. So finding a kitchen which is the right size for your space is your first priority.

Buying a Kitchen GuideYou will need to search for a kitchen which is big enough for your design (unless we tell you that the kitchen doors are still available to buy today, check listing details for this information). Expect to use a minimum of 3/4 of the cabinets you purchase. This will give you the opportunity to reconfigure to your own specification and maybe even include a Kitchen island, breakfast bar or utility if desired.

Read about how I designed my secondhand kitchen here >

Kitchen design ideas are easily found on the internet or you could ask a professional kitchen fitter to help you.

Ideally you should view a kitchen prior to purchase however all our kitchens have been personally surveyed so this greatly reduces the risks associated with some of the other auction sites if you are unable to view. You can buy from UKE with confidence.

You will also need to plan the collection of the kitchen; you will need to chose the right size of van and if your kitchen has granite or quarts worktops, which are very heavy and difficult to move, you will need to plan for this.

Remember, most used/exdisplay kitchens have a sales deadline, and are very sought after so you may need to make a swift decision to buy.

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