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Symphony Kitchens

symphony kitchens logoSymphony is a UK based company who produce and sell kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture. They sell kitchens from three main ranges: Gallery, Linear, and Milano. Although they are inspired by designs from all over the world, a characteristic of Symphony kitchens is its unique British style. Symphony kitchens ensure that they are bringing the latest innovations to their designs while maintaining the style and quality that they are known for.

Symphony kitchens are entirely made in Britain, and the company is confident in the quality of the materials and overall build. This control means that they are able to proudly display their environmental credentials. Symphony has also been awarded a FIRA Gold Award accreditation, the ultimate mark of quality. A used Symphony kitchen is a great buy that will look wonderful for years to come.

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Sorry, we don't have any kitchens for this brand right now, we do have new kitchens coming in every day though so please come back soon or contact our sales team if you have any questions. Thank you so much!