SieMatic Ex Display Kitchens

siematic kitchens logoSieMatic is one of the most widely recognised luxury German brands. August Siekmann founded the company in 1929 and although large parts of the factory were damaged in World War II, the company soon resumed production and is still managed by the family to this day.

The enduring success of the brand and ever increasing popularity of the SieMatic kitchens is in part because the company doesn’t believe in adhering to short term trends, preferring to develop sustainable designs that won’t lose value, remaining exceptional for years to come.

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The 1960s saw the release of The SieMatic 6006: the first handle-free kitchen. Its recessed handle channels made way for a distinctive new style in the kitchen design industry centred around sleek and compact elements. In 2006 SieMatic produced the BeauxArts collection, which was influenced by the up-and-coming American metropolises at the beginning of the twentieth century.

It merged modern forms and contradictory classical elements such as large decorative columns to create transitional kitchens. This has become a signature style for SieMatic kitchens and is recognisable in future collections.

A used or ex-display SieMatic kitchen will be as attractive and timeless as the day it was released, making SieMatic a great choice of brand for anyone who wants a luxury discounted kitchen without compromising on style.

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Showing 1–9 of 33 results