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Panorama Kitchens

panorama kitchens logo2For over 50 years, UK based company Panorama has been supplying quality kitchens to customers in the North West. They can expertly create kitchens in all styles, from classic farmhouse designs to sleek modern designs.

Every Panorama kitchen has been built in the company’s Liverpool factory, by a longstanding team of exceptional craftsmen, and their classic kitchens are beautifully hand-painted on site. Their credentials include being a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association, so you can count on Panorama to produce cutting edge designs that meet the changing needs of customers.

Gloss, modern, and handleless Panorama kitchens make up the majority of the company’s range. Every kitchen produced is unique to each customer, and each used Panorama kitchen is one of a kind.

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Sorry, we don't have any kitchens for this brand right now, we do have new kitchens coming in every day though so please come back soon or contact our sales team if you have any questions. Thank you so much!