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Omega Kitchens

omega kitchens logoOmega is a British kitchen manufacturer who produces high quality fitted kitchens at competitive prices. The company has over 20 years experience under its belt and thousands of happy customers throughout the UK. An Omega kitchen will have been built from start to finish in the Omega PLC factory, using the latest machinery and technology to ensure a high-quality end product. Materials are sourced from not just the UK, but all over the world, meaning only the highest quality materials make the cut.

Omega kitchens range from the classic to the contemporary, but all are fitted with the latest innovations. Omega’s brand names include the likes of Sheraton, Chippendale, and Mackintosh – Brands are known internationally for their outstanding quality. Used Omega Kitchens are a good option for the shopper looking for a fitted kitchen of high-quality British design.

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