Eggersmann Kitchens

eggersmann kitchens logoEggersmann is a luxury German kitchen brand that has been producing furniture since 1908. Carpenter Wilhelm Eggersman founded his kitchen company around the time when industrial production was just beginning and kitchen furniture was in its infancy. As other companies grew and began to mass-produce, Eggersman maintained their commitment to quality and individuality, offering bespoke services to a small number of clients. One hundred years later, and in spite of its global success, the company has never left its original rural premises in the small village of Hiddenhausen.

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The company keeps a close eye on developing innovations in the industry and always try and stay ahead of the game, in both the construction of their kitchens and their sustainability. 6000 Eggersmann kitchens are now being produced each year, 70% of which is transported to countries across the globe. An Eggersmann kitchen has been entirely produced in Germany, meeting all the strict quality, functionality and safety standards set by the German kitchen industry.

If you’re looking for a kitchen from an eco-conscious company then an Eggersmann used kitchen is an excellent choice. Eggersmann helped set industry standards in regards to the responsible sourcing of timber, and they were the very first German kitchen manufacturer to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). A second hand or ex-display Eggersman kitchen is a clever and ecologically responsible buy!

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