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Clive Christian Kitchens

clive christian kitchens logoClive Christian Furniture co. has been creating beautifully crafted bespoke kitchens since 1978. The brand was born after designer Clive Christian renovated the interior of his own 19th-century manor house. It was here that his signature Victorian Kitchen was born, and his talent for crafting luxury interiors gained notice. Borrowing style elements from bygone eras and favouring ornate decorative features, a classic Clive Christian kitchen is characterised by carved pilasters, elegant coving and decadent lighting. Christian believed that a modern kitchen needed to be more than utilitarian, it needed to be fit for the heart of the family home.

Clive Christian kitchens are instantly recognisable and widely touted as an excellent example of British design. The designer has even received an OBE for his services to the luxury goods industry. If you fancy owning a kitchen favoured by the likes of Celine Dion and Rod Stewart, then one of our used Clive Christian kitchens or Clive Christian imitation kitchens might be perfect for you!

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