Burbidge Kitchens

burbidge logoBurbidge is a successful fifth-generation family kitchen company operating in the UK. Henry Burbidge started his woodworking company with just 10 shillings back in 1867 – that’s around £200 today! In the early days, the company manufactured wooden motorcar parts. They then went on to produce machinery, musical instruments, shoe heels and even bowling pins. By the 1980s the company had found their niche furniture, mainly Burbidge kitchen units.

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For buyers with busy kitchens, Burbidge recommends slab style doors from their contemporary range. This is because they are stylish and easy to clean, and constructed from hard-wearing materials which won’t be damaged by everyday activity. Burbidge Kitchens also recommends open shelving for quick access and additional elements such as breakfast bars and islands for maximum storage.

Burbidge kitchens come in a plethora of styles. Love the classics? The company offers a whole range of in-frame kitchens. On a tight budget? Burbidge also offers an affordable ‘Simply Burbidge’ range for those who don’t want to scrimp on style or quality.

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Showing all 2 results