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  • Everybody loves the idea of a new kitchen, but now there’s a new idea. Modern kitchens are built to last but often these kitchens will be out the door, long before they’re out of fashion. Showrooms have to change what’s on display all the time and all across the UK people are remodelling their homes. I’ve seen gorgeous ex display and underused kitchens replaced to make room for newer ones. It breaks my heart to see the waste. The waste of money, the waste of materials and the sheer waste of energy when we are all working so hard to heal our planet.

    But it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. We can all change the way this works. Whether you’re looking to buy an affordable quality kitchen, or to sell your used one when buying new from a showroom, Used Kitchen Exchange are here to help you every step of the way. Their ‘approval’ service is unique and offers peace of mind for both buyers and sellers, but don’t just take my word for it – read trusted, verified reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers who have either bought or sold by visiting feefo.

    Linda Barker
    Interior Designer/UKE Customer Ambassador

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Used Kitchen Exchange – Our Story

  • helen lord used kitchen exchange founder
  • With a growing family and limited income, I had been a fan of reuse sites for many years, buying and selling on ebay was a way of life to me, so for my new kitchen I chose to search online for a bargain. I spent hours trawling through pages and pages of sales listings as most didn’t give me enough information or enough quality photographs and some just looked plain dodgy! It was so difficult to know what was a good kitchen and what wasn’t. I did, however, fall lucky and ended up buying a beautiful pre-owned designer kitchen for a fraction of the cost of new, but I had to kiss a few frogs first!

    Of course, I had checked the kitchen out by viewing and measuring it myself but having never done this before, I was very nervous and unsure what to do and I resigned myself to the fact I had to accept a few risks. To be fair, the couple I bought the kitchen from felt the same way as well, they too had limited knowledge of kitchens and struggled to put their sales details together. Even though it all worked out well in the end, we both knew we had been very fortunate!

    This experience gave me an idea; I visualised an online marketplace selling affordable kitchens , offering a complete support service to buyers and sellers, in a similar way to an estate agent.

  • The marketing team would take professional photographs, measure and assess the kitchens so sellers didn’t have to and they would then ‘approve’ them, giving buyers all the information and confidence they needed to make the right choice, without any of the risks I faced.

    So Used Kitchen Exchange was borne. We are now the UK’s leading website for the sale of Approved Used and Ex Display showroom kitchens and my commitment to you is simple; To give you a safe and informative trading environment, supported by experts, whilst ‘doing our bit’ towards a more sustainable, ethical world.

    helen lord used kitchen exchange founder

    Helen Lord,
    Used Kitchen Exchange Founder

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